The First made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Amazing New ReSound LiNX™

So many of us manage our world with the help of applications  (apps) on our smart phone. We bank, we make travel plans, stay in touch with loved ones, enjoy music, catch up on news from around the world and sometimes even use them to make a phone call. Hearing aid manufacturer ReSounReSound LiNX LN 61 White available at Charles A. Reger & Associatesd has introduced the first, made for iPhone hearing aid. The ReSound LiNX™ is incredibly powerful yet small and stylish. For iPhone users this new device works well with the features you love to use: music, phone, and video chat.

The device is so small that most most people won’t know you are wearing a hearing aid. The functionality keeps up with a busy active lifestyle at work, play or home. The ReSound LiNX™ works seamlessly with technology that so many of us already use and can enhance that experience too. Take phone calls and listen to your favorite music without making any adjustments to your hearing aids. The ReSound LiNX will make you look at hearing aids in a whole new way.

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