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August, 2015   We’re Celebrating Our Practice’s Anniversary in August… And We’re Extending An Invitation To Explore Our Brand of Hearing Healthcare!!!

‘Our Brand of Hearing Healthcare’ means:

  • Hearing care services delivered with expertise by an Audiologist.
  • Generosity of time with you so you truly understand your hearing loss and any recommended treatment options.
  • Caring, individual approach.
  • Referral back to your family physician if medical treatment is indicated.
  • A variety of hearing instrument technologies and styles from ‘premium’ to ‘essential’ to match your lifestyle and your budget.
  • No gimmicks or ‘bait & switch’. No high pressure sales!
  • 30 Day Period of Adjustment with hearing instruments and full money back refund if not satisfied.
  • 12 months interest-free financing available (for qualified individuals)


For the entire month of August,

we are offering these benefits:

  1. A NO-CHARGE hearing check
  2. CASH OFF savings on most hearing instruments if they are recommended.
  3. FREE in-office demonstration of today’s hearing instrument technology.

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